My name is Lisa Possanza. After having amazing product results and feeling great, I am now retired as an RN and engaged in a full time career from the comfort of my home, assisting other people to achieve their health and wealth goals. I enjoy being with my family full time, enjoying and creating my life on my terms and earning a substantial income. 


Purify Your Life

Nutritional Cleansing: The Missing link to the Weight loss Mystery. Introducing the Nutritional Cleansing technology that has transformed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives. The products are formulated by John Anderson, a leading biochemist and formulator who has created over 2300 private label products for companies such as GNC, MetRx and Nature’s Way. Isagenix products are part of a system that targets both nutritional deficiency and toxicity by delivering high grade organic nutrition while cleansing the body of unwanted chemicals, toxins and impurities. As a by-product You may experience: Energy Boost, Consistent weight loss over time, Reduced cravings for unhealthy food, Improved muscle tone, and Balanced digestion.

Transform Your Body & Mind While Creating Financial Freedom